Friday, October 2, 2009

Second Stutter video - Slesu and Videotape

CURSE OV DIALECT mc's, RACELESS and VULK MAKEDONSKI perform 20 mins of improvised madness as SLESU & VIDEOTAPE at HORSE BAZAAR's weekly experimental night, 'STUTTER'. In our 2nd episode of STUTTER we serve up a condensed slice of the duo's antics as they freestyle mind bending incantations over an array of eclectic beats and samples. 

Classic Curse sampladelia (harking back at times to their more aggressive earlier work) that features everything from weird polka/disco mash-ups to nonsensical extrapolations on Laibach's Industrial-style Neue Slowenische Kunst rants. All topped off with a slice of Sicilianistic doo wop that would have warmed the cockles of Frank Zappa's heart.

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