Monday, September 21, 2009

First Stutter video

Our first Stutter video and best work yet for the experimental side of Vile Vortices Productions.  The digital camera upgrade since the first Maximum Arousal shoots is really noticeable. Looking forward to getting to work editing the other great Stutter footage we've got in storage (currently working on Robbie Avenaim show).

Originally posted on Experimental Melbourne blog spot.

Vile Vortices Productions presents the first installment in a series of videos highlighting events at Stutter, Melbourne's premier weekly avant-garde music program at Horse Bazaar. Filmed on the 1st April 2009.

Featuring the solo looped voice/recorder/sax incantations of JESSE L. DIMMICK (aka 8008), the Faust/Suicide/post-punk-early Industrial era fuzz vibe of four piece REPAIRS and the echo guitar/keyboard duo SUPER STAR. Upcoming videos featuring Australian experimental legends Robbie Avenaim, Sean Baxter, Dave Brown and Cat Hope.

Second Maximum Arousal video - Super Stupid

Our second and more successful Maximum Arousal video. Still the same sound problems in the interview section as with the first one featuring Evelyn Morris and Shags (as it was recorded in the same huge, echoey Curtin House stairwell), but overall a cooler, more slickly edited piece. I might post interview transcripts at some point for those who find the audio hard to follow.

Originally posted on the Experimental Melbourne blog spot.

Vile Vortices Productions presents the next installment in our ongoing series about Maximum Arousal shows at The Toff.

Emil Sarlija of Super Stupid illuminates the origins, major influences and possible future of this riff happy power trio. Following in the acid scoured path laid down by the likes of 'Split'-era Groundhogs, Speed, Glue and Shinki, Sleep, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Blue Cheer, Mainliner and Acid Mothers Guru Guru, this Melbourne outfit, propelled by the powerhouse drumming of Maximum Arousal curator Oren Ambarchi, sets an intense, yet not too serious, trajectory for O mind rock oblivion!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our First Maximum Arousal Video

This was originally posted on the Experimental Melbourne blog spot.
Vile Vortices Productions presents

The first in a series of short films about Maximum Arousal shows at The Toff
in Swanston Street, CBD. 'Influence, Noise and Hallucinations' features excerpts from a 20 minute improvisation of ambient, minimalist electronica by Evelyn Morris of Pikelet and Shags who discuss aspects of the performance and their influences.
The music in this concert (28/12/2008) suggests to us some of Terry Riley's early 70s organ and delay based works or Cluster's mid 70s fusion of synthesizer melody and loop layering, but according to Evelyn and Shags its roots are more in Philip Glass, Abba and Led Zeppelin.

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