Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our First Maximum Arousal Video

This was originally posted on the Experimental Melbourne blog spot.
Vile Vortices Productions presents

The first in a series of short films about Maximum Arousal shows at The Toff
in Swanston Street, CBD. 'Influence, Noise and Hallucinations' features excerpts from a 20 minute improvisation of ambient, minimalist electronica by Evelyn Morris of Pikelet and Shags who discuss aspects of the performance and their influences.
The music in this concert (28/12/2008) suggests to us some of Terry Riley's early 70s organ and delay based works or Cluster's mid 70s fusion of synthesizer melody and loop layering, but according to Evelyn and Shags its roots are more in Philip Glass, Abba and Led Zeppelin.

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